Introduction to Age Subcultures

A subculture is a group whose members share beliefs and common experiences that set them apart from others. Age can be a way to define ones identity. Today, marketers modify their strategies to appeal to the diverse age subcultures.

When a marketer communicates with member of an age group it must be in their language. An age subculture is based on an age cohort, a group of consumers of the same age who have undergone similar experiences.

It is possible to have many things in common with someone simply because they are about the same age. Consumers who grew up together share many cultural memories. If they belong to the same age cohort, they may respond well to marketers' nostalgia appeals that remind them of these experiences.

There are five age subcultures to be discussed are Tweens (Generation Z), Millennial’s (Generation Y), baby busters (Generation X), baby boomers and mature consumers (the elderly).