The Elderly
The population of the world is ageing and the number of people aged 65+ is increasing worldwide. those people are the big spenders and they belong to the Senior Market, Grey Market and Mature Market .

Those consumers are the most group who have disposable income, more time, well-educated and interested in new products and services to enhance their lifestyle (e.g health)

the four Ps related to Senior Market:

1. Positioning:
  • older consumer are more conveient-orianted
  • old consumers are interested in the product interinstic benefit , rather than its subjective benefit.
  • they are willing to spend more to get better product and service

2. Promotion:

3. place and distribution:
  • all retail establishments that are convenient for old people to be next to each other
  • adequate parking
  • provide rest areas and washrooms
  • elevators and stairs that are not too high
4. Price:
  • use discounts and offer price reduction