The Consumers of Tomorrow

Children born between the mid 90's and early 00's are classified as Generation Z. This generation has grown to be comfortable and adapt to the technology around them. This generation is always up to date with the outside world by using many social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and their phones. Thus, companies market to the generation with what they know. Men and women get through to these kids with SMS, internet, and the social networks to keep them updated on issues and information.

Design Matters

  • Touch screen devices such as iphones, and ipads address ease and what they know to keep them interested

  • They use easy - to - know methods to keep the kids intact with important messages and news

  • Gen Z can multi task so they are drawn to products that are easily learned and used

  • Bright colours attract us Generation Z's

Social Responsibility
  • Gen Z is informed and knows more about the environment and what has positive impacts on todays' society

  • More and more teens are aware and want to help the planet by 'going green'

  • 97 % of boys and girls believe that recycling is important; we have grown up in a society where that is the norm

  • Corporations can help the 'go green companies' y advertising the products by using todays' technology

Constant Connection
  • Boys and girls are always talking with their friends and family via cell phones, we always know when something is happening with our loved ones

  • When teens want to know something they call or text, they don't want to have the hustle of calling

  • Teens are receiving cell phones at younger ages to keep up with todays' culture, 79 % of 13-15 year old girls are buying cell phones

  • We gain an emotional attachment to our technology, and never want to see it out of our sight

Generation Z is the society of tomorrow and because of their great multi tasking skills and green awareness will grow our world and do a lot of good with their power.