This video is great because it targets the generation X to buy a Volkswagen for both their family, themselves, and especially their kids. This commercial makes Gen Xers feeling that the whole family will love it and get a kick out of it. Also, the fact that it is an up to date car and will probably make them feel "hip" and "cool" again!


Generation X, which is also known as the "baby busters" and the "slacker" generation are individuals born between 1965 and 1979. This would make them people between the age of 32 and 47 as of this year. Gen Xers, buys products that are good quality and affordable. They love the fact that they can buy products that is will not kill the environment. A lot of the Xers will want to know what a company is and what it stands for before purchasing from them. They tend to buy to feel belongingness and involved. Generation X also likes shopping online, using coupons, getting bargains and easy to read advertisement.

The MTV generation hates when sales associates they to sale products aggressively. They also dislike being manipulated, and are not huge fans of expensive goods. As well as being group, they do not like the fact of being separated from other individuals and other age groups.

This Generation likes to feel happy, and comfortable with themselves.They motivate themselves from wanting to achieve more than their parents financial status. Xers like trying to figure out the latest technology that their kids and other family members use. They war Tech-savy, and family oriented, these are individuals that try to provided more for their family than what they had.

What pulls them in?

  • Ø Products that are of good quality and affordable. This generation is more likely to buy something that is cheap but has great quality because it is comfortable. They do not buy because of name brands.
  • Ø Going green products = products that is not going to kill the environment
  • Ø Getting to know the company, and what it stands for, is another technique they use to build trust.
  • Ø Feeling belonged and involved, not being group into different categories from other people.
  • Ø Money back-guarantees: allows them to feel that there is no harm in purchases a product because there is a money back guarantee if they do not like the product. (however, what generation does not!?)
  • Ø They like shopping online, because of Generation Xers EBay is what it is today.
  • Ø Coupons and bargains, most Gen Xers use coupons that they receive in the mail.
  • Ø They are more likely to realize online and mail advertisements.
  • Ø Memories; little connections to the past provokes them to buy.
  • Ø Direct mails, Gen X people tend to appreciate direct mail then other generations.

What draws them away?

  • Ø Hard Selling “hard selling implies an aggressive approach toward a potential buyer” however they do prefer soft selling which is a more approachable and suggestive selling method. This way as individuals they have the last word and they know that the final decision is 100% their choice.
  • Ø Manipulation, they like to be told the 100% truth and let their decision do the rest
  • Ø Expensive goods; prefers to stay in budget and not spend unnecessary money on unnecessary things.
  • Ø They do not like being group; this makes marketing a little harder. Try not to group them into different groups; example, separating them apart from young adults in an offensive way.
  • Ø Having to reading a mass amount of advertisements.


  • Ø This generation looks for comparisons. They like to look around and compare one stores product to another before deciding what brand they want and from what store. Example a Samsung 32’ or a 32’ Panasonic TV at Future shop compared to one at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. During their purchasing process, brand loyalty is secondary to them.
  • Ø They are skeptical individuals if they did not go to a store for a certain purchase to need a lot of convening to purchase that particular product.
  • Ø Generation X is known as baby busters because of the low birth rate, in comparison to the baby boomers.
  • Ø Also known as the “slacker” generation by the baby boomer generation because of their inability to follow their parents daily orders.
  • Ø These people are known to be highly educated, tech-savvy, independent yet family oriented, well educated, financially driven, and more.

If you click straight to 1:16mins the speecher says something along the lines of Generation Xers being considered "slackers". I just wanted to add this mini text I found on a website... "How do you define a generation that has resisted definition? The pop-culture quotes that best fit Generation X (we sprinkled a few across this article) show an aversion to predictability and routine, which has contributed to the broad dismissal of its members as “slackers.” But yesterday’s slackers are now raising families, buying property—housing crisis notwithstanding—and trying to endure their prime earning years without sacrificing their kids’, their parents’, or their own futures." -

Here's a quick little video of How to work with Gen Xers ( I do not think we need this, however I wanted to add it for people to get a sense of who Gen Xers are).

GROUP the following two videos does not related to marketing to GEN X, but I liked it and wanted to post them. P.S. I am finding it very hard to find videos that discuss marketing to the X Generation.

I found that after watching the two videos, I realized that some of us Generation Ys or at least my self, were doing the same things that the Gen Xers were doing,(however, for a short time of my life and at a very young age). I found myself recording songs with tape recorders and my parents "freaking out" about myself eating Halloween candy without checking them first. Again, 2 semi quick videos which I think most of you can relate to, or go down memory road with.